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Former Director General of the Israel Tax Authority Joins Gabriel’s Advisory Team

December 11, 2019
We are pleased to announce the latest addition to our advisory board, one of Israel’s most senior tax consultants – Mr. Doron Arbelyformer Director General of the Israeli Tax Authority and Israeli Customs. 

Major Doron Arbely retired from the IDF as a senior officer after serving in various roles within the Intelligence Unit. He holds a BA in Political Science, an MA in Public Administration and an MA in Law & Legal Studies from Haifa University.

In 2013, Arbely concluded his career of over 2 decades in the Israeli Tax Authority, where he became an expert on the topic.

He began his career in the Investigations and Intelligence Division, where he served as a young “Customs and VAT” investigator and rose to senior positions including Head of the Intelligence Unit, Customs Representative to the World Customs Organization in Brussels, Senior Director General for Investigations and Intelligence and finally to the most senior position in the system – Director General of the Israeli Tax Authority, where he also served as Director General of the Israeli Customs.As part of his role as the Tax Authority & Customs Director, Arbely created and developed international relations with parallel authorities around the world.

Later, Arbely became the CEO of Israel Postal Bank and published a book in Hebrew called “Black Money” about the fascinating world of tax investigations in Israel, the struggles of the Tax Authority and how it affects our lives.

We find that Arbely’s vast knowledge on taxation and regulation together with his experience and financial investigative skills has proven to be a great asset to Gabriel Intelligence, adding him to the list of our valued advisory board members.

He has been providing us with significant insight on cases involving tax evasion, money laundering and international trade thus assisting us in uncovering suspicious activity.

Gabriel Intelligence Agency is comprised of a global team of highly skilled veterans hailing from Israel’s intelligence industry as well as an impressive and active advisory board, which already includes well-known names in the intelligence industry, among them:

Former Deputy Director of The I.S.A – Mr. Itzhak Ilan
Former Commander of the Tel Aviv District Police – Mr. David Tsur
Former Military Attaché in Europe – Col. (ret.) Adi Bershadsky
Former Director of the Counter Terrorism and Proliferation Finance Bureau – Lt. Col. (ret.) Dr. U.L
Counter Terrorism Expert – Brig. Gen. (ret.) Uzi Barzilay
Former President of The College of Management – Prof. Oren Kaplan
Angel Investor – Mr. Gal Yissar

You can learn more about the members of Gabriel’s advisory board here.

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