Gabriel Intelligence Ltd. and its affiliates (“GI,” “we,” “us,” “our”),  is committed to conducting business ethically and in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations.

The company’s Code of Conduct and Business Ethics which we refer to as the “Code,” is a guide and resource to how we contribute to the Company’s culture of integrity by establishing principles for how we deal with our clients, the public and one another. The values and rules set out in this Code correspond to the following broad standards:

Maintaining the Company’s culture of integrity requires demonstration of ethical behavior in all of our business activities. By acting ethically, we can have a strong influence on the conduct of those around us and with whom we interact, enabling a safe, trustworthy and healthy relationship with our clients, providers and colleagues.  

Information & Privacy Security

We treat your privacy and information as our clients with the greatest care and security;

We make efforts to restrict access to information to only those employees, contractors, and agents who need such access in order to operate, develop, improve, or deliver our services.

Compliance with Law and Regulations

Needless to say, Gabriel Intelligence complies and strictly adheres to all applicable laws, rules and regulations, in Israel and around the globe.

There are diverse laws, regulations and rules applicable to the Company’s various business operations and as our operations are worldwide, we also must be receptive to the different local laws and rules that apply to our business.