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Tapping into a Wife’s Social Life to Uncover $200M Worth of Hidden Assets

December 25, 2019
A court ruling determined that our client was to be paid by a Russian individual, who in his defense, claimed to have no assets and therefore could not pay.

We were tasked by our client with identifying any tangible and recoverable assets and assessing their value. 

Thorough research conducted by our team, revealed several trust accounts of significant value in Eastern Europe, belonging to the subject.


Linking the Subject to our Initial Findings

We mapped out all first and second-degree relationships of the subject (family, friends, colleagues, partners, etc.) to identify potential sources whom are most likely possess essential information on the assets in question.

After identifying the subject’s wife as the most efficient source to extract such information, our undercover female agent began attending the same yoga class the subject’s wife regularly attended, befriending her in the process.

Following a reasonable amount of time and acquaintance, our agent suggested that they go on a double date with the subject and the agent’s “husband”, who posed as a real estate investor.



The four met for dinner at an exclusive restaurant, where they began talking about real estate.

Soon enough, the subject revealed that he was working on several real estate projects and even stated which companies he was using to develop and facilitate the projects.

Following the revelations at dinner, we cross checked the information he so generously shared with our undercover agents and were able to verify it, enabling our client to establish in court that the subject previously held well-hidden real estate properties in four different countries across Europe, equalling a total of $200M. 

With this information in hand, our client was able to appeal to the court and seize the subject’s assets.


Lesson Learned

You can learn a lot about a person through their close circles. Human Intelligence (HUMINT) is a strong and useful tool that can be utilized to reveal a person’s hidden assets.

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