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5 Online Tools That Can Help You Stand Out Over Your Competitors

5 tools you can use to discover – in seconds – information about your competitors that can aid you in building an immediate and sustainable competitive advantage

Case Studies

Uncovering the Source of a Public Media-War Waged Against a European Bank

The owner of one of the largest banks in Western Europe contacted our firm after being slapped with a massive, well-planned, slanderous campaign, executed by an unknown source, all aimed at harming his – and his bank’s – reputation.

Case Studies

Exposure of Bribery During Arbitration

A French company, was assisting a multi-billion dollar Chinese firm in penetrating the French market. After a few years, the Chinese company claimed that our client violated a material clause, leading to a series of lawsuits between the two parties, whereby the Chinese company sought damages of over €500M. During arbitration, our client suspected that the arbitrator’s ruling was one-sided…


How to Spot & Prevent Fake News During Elections

During elections, media platforms around the world undoubtedly become hot zones for news on the topic. The media is packed with propaganda, campaigns, polling and inevitably, slander which naturally catches the public’s attention.
Clients often ask us: “How do you spot fake news?”

From The Media

Corruption That Cost a Company Billions & How it Could have Been Prevented

IFF, an American corporation and member of the S&P 500 Index, revealed in their quarterly report, that during the integration period of Frutarom Industries Ltd, employees allegedly bribed Russian and Ukrainian Customs Officials and distributors, while also funding kickbacks, that resulted in a $2.1B loss for IFF.