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The Intelligence Behind This Week’s Mission to Eliminate a Senior Islamic Jihad Commander And How Lessons Learned Can Be Applied to Your Business 

November 13, 2019


If you’re based in Israel, you are undoubtedly aware that yesterday, Baha Abu al-‘Ata, a senior commander of the Islamic Jihad in Gaza, was eliminated by IDF forces in an operation alongside the ISA.

Abu a-’Ata was responsible for the majority of the attacks against Israel that took place in the past year, securing him a spot on the country’s most wanted list.

Breaking with tradition, Israel took responsibility for the mission, followed by providing intimate details regarding the complex intelligence gathering methods utilized to execute such an operation.

The Intelligence

The ISA (Israel Security Agency aka Shin Bet), IDF’s Intelligence Unit and the IAF (Israel’s Air Force) worked together to uncover the extensive precautions Abu al-’Ata took to remain alive. Among them, using human shields (including children) as well as staying in different locations nightly.

Israeli forces managed to penetrate his efforts, studying his daily habits to discover where he goes, with whom he speaks with, when he gets up in the morning and even whether or not he sleeps in the same bed as his wife.

After months of gathering intel, on Tuesday, November 12th at 4AM, months of hard work paid off:

The military confirmed that Abu al-’Ata was oddly and finally alone in one of his safe houses with his wife, sans any security detail or human shields. The intelligence was so precise that forces confirmed the exact room they were sleeping in. 

The Mission

Aircrafts were quickly deployed after the green light was given, with the Israeli Air Force pinpointing the target and using its unique technological capabilities to hit Abu al-’Ata directly.

Intelligence regarding the exact square footage of the room and window dimensions, coupled with missile technology that understood both, led to the collapse of only the room where he and his wife slept resulting in minimal collateral damage.


Before (photo: Dover Tsahal)
After (photo: ynet)


Shortly after, the Islamic Jihad militant group confirmed that Baha Abu al-‘Ata and his wife were killed, leading to the completion of a well-planned, coordinated operation.

The Key to the Operation

This story exemplifies the power of strong, accurate intelligence being utilized to execute a swift military operation; in fact, lessons learned can be applied to several intelligence use cases.

As both former military and current intelligence personnel here at Gabriel Intelligence, we are privy to the power of great intel and its various use cases.

Intelligence Gathering Methods

If you’re keen in tapping an intelligence firm for various intel needs – such as discovering evidence that might lead to a break in your case or perhaps studying up on the founders of a business you might invest in – then take a look at the below intelligence gathering methods to familiarize yourself with some of the tactics we use to achieve success for our clients.

  • OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) is a form of gathering and analysing information from public sources such as the media (i.e. TV & newspapers), Internet sources (i.e. social media, online publications and discussion groups) as well as public records and many more. This kind of intelligence is based on information that can be accessed and used by anyone under the knowledge that it might be used for deception.
  • HUMINT (Human Intelligence) is a form of gathering intel based on human sources and interpersonal contact. This method is found very effective for uncovering inside information and those executing such tactics are commonly referred to as undercover agents.
  • VISINT (Visual Intelligence) focuses on gathering visual information like photographs and surveillance, as well as IMINT (Imagery Intelligence) which is when you analyze aerial photographs. IMINT can be utilized to pinpoint a target in real-time.

Why This Matters

Ultimately, you are seeking to make informed decisions as they relate to you and your business. The aforementioned intelligence gathering methods – as well as others that Gabriel Intelligence applies to cases – can better enable you to smartly respond to a variety of situations, whether they be potential investments or ongoing legal battles.

In-depth familiarity with any subject you are studying arms you with intel you need to plan on a strategic level, ultimately resulting in you coming out successful on the other side.

As we have personally witnessed, implementing Intelligence within the decision making process is crucial for both governments and business. See our case studies

If you’re looking to consult on how our intelligence methods can aid you in making better informed decisions, feel free to contact us via email or phone:  +972-58-555-5686